Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Have a Query? Our FAQ section has put together various questions students have had in the past. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to talk to our counselors on 8971296752 or post your query here

2019年火爆棋牌平台How do I know if I have an aptitude for Design or Architecture?

2019年火爆棋牌平台Do you like to draw  or make things with material found around the house? Do you like working on jigsaws and puzzles?  Are you curious about how things work and why some don't work?  Would you rather doodle and explain an idea than talk about it?   If you answer yes to most of these questions, then you do have an aptitude for design. Click here to take a free design aptitude test.

2019年火爆棋牌平台I can't draw , but I have ideas and I want to be a designer. Is that possible?

Drawing is a skill, learnt and perfected by practice.  As most good design colleges have an entrance test which also assesses your ability to communicate your ideas through your drawings, it is important to be able to draw in correct perspective and proportion.  So join in early and work on your drawing skills with AFD's expert guidance.

2019年火爆棋牌平台When should one ideally start preparation for Design school entrance tests ?

2019年火爆棋牌平台The earlier the better. There are three things you need to develop in order to make it to the top design and architecture  colleges..

a. Ideas / Out of the Box thinking b. Drawing skills c. Social consciousness

2019年火爆棋牌平台The hand needs time to train to draw in the best possible manner. The subconscious mind needs to automatically observe details and to be in sync with the pulse of the society.  All this with ample time, translates into creativity.

Its good to start your preparations from Standard 11th, so that in two years you are able to give the exam your best shot.

What kind of courses does AFD offer?

2019年火爆棋牌平台AFD offers  Classroom Programs, Online courses and Study Material dispatches. We offer Test Series and Mock Tests in addition to our regular programs.

Does AFD conduct any selection test to take on students for its programs?

2019年火爆棋牌平台No, AFD takes on any students who wants to try writing the entrance exams for Design and Architecture.

What is the Duration of AFD courses?

AFD has  Regular and Weekend courses which may spread over  2 years to 6 months. We also have short duration  Crash courses  for 6 - 12 days.

I am currently in Std XI/ XII. I have very little time to prepare as I preparing for my board exams. I stay in a city which has an AFD Classroom and I want to write NATA / CEPT , NIFT , NID or CEED in the coming year. Which is the best course for me?

2019年火爆棋牌平台You may take up the AFD Weekend program which will have least repercussions on your school studies.  AFD classes are conveniently  held for 2-4 hours on Saturdays and Sundays.  Or in case your school gets over by noon, you could join the AFD regular program which is held 5 days a week in the evening hours.

2019年火爆棋牌平台I have finished Std 12th and am awaiting my results.   My city does not have an AFD Classroom and I want to write NATA / CEPT, NIFT, NID or CEED in the coming year. Which course would you suggest for me?

2019年火爆棋牌平台You may come for the AFD regular program which is held 5 days a week. The classes are for 2 hours every day. Accommodation is facilitated by AFD team in the city of your choice.

Does AFD provide Hostel accommodation?

AFD will recommend certain Hostels and Paying Guest accommodations used by AFD students in the past. AFD does not take any responsibility for these accommodations. All arrangements will have to be made directly between you and the landlord or Hostel authorities.

2019年火爆棋牌平台I am in class 8th/ 9th  and want to prepare for NATA / CEPT and NID. Which course should I take up at AFD?

Its  a good idea to start your preparations early. AFD has certain skill development programs for young students which they can start early on. A combo package of  2-3 courses can be put together by the admissions officer to suit individual requirements of the Candidate.

2019年火爆棋牌平台What is the guarantee of success after doing a course form AFD?

2019年火爆棋牌平台Students joining AFD see immense improvement in their skills and ideas . Over the years, we have seen that AFD coaching increases the success rate of students by 60- 70%.  AFD can not guarantee success to any students. Clearing the exam is a combined effort of the guide and the student. The faculties put in lot of hard work in researching and training . The students too  need to put in many hours of intelligent hard work in order to crack the Tests.

Why is it Cool to Join AFD?

The Academy of Fashion Design is the only design coaching course to offer its courses nationwide. No matter where you are you can access our material and prepare yourself for the demanding entrance exams for the best design colleges in India.

2019年火爆棋牌平台Another reason to choose AFD is the quality of our material. We have selected the most relevant material available and made it simple and easy to understand. The fact is today schools rarely provide the input required to access your creative side, focusing instead on traditional careers such as medicine or engineering. AFD recognizes this gap in education and does it’s best to fill that gap. Further AFD regularly supplies supplemental material to students whenever additional information comes up that will further their preparations.

Saving the best for last AFD faculty are alumni from NIFT and NID. We provide the most hands on experience, and provide one to one counseling to students that prepare them for the next examination. We keep all lines of communication open with ex students, so that we are aware of all new developments that come up.

2019年火爆棋牌平台What are the contents of AFD Postal Course. Does it have Mock tests?

2019年火爆棋牌平台Each AFD Postal Pack has a different set of materials which are mentioned in the course description. Mock Tests are an inherent part of the study material. The course will have at least 5 Mock tests along with past 10-15 years Solved Question papers.

These tests are drafted in the same pattern as the entrance examinations and provide students with a realistic experience of the test. In addition to the mock tests, the material comes with practice questions that are to be sent to the tutors for evaluation.

Can I see samples of the Study Material before I purchase the pack?

Yes. Sample pages of our study material are available Click Here

What is the duration of the AFD Postal Course and when can one join?

2019年火爆棋牌平台Ideally the postal course is taken over a year, although dedicated students can adjust the timings for themselves and the course can be completed within three months if a student is prepared to sit down and work at it for three to four hours a day.

How and when are the materials dispatched?

All materials are dispatched only once we have received your completed application form, photograph and confirmation that your payment has been cleared. We try and send all material by courier to facilitate students quick access to the course. Most students receive their course material within three days of our confirming their application form and payment.

However in certain cases when we cannot send the material by courier we send it by Speed Post.  AFD cannot be held responsible for Courier or Postal delays on account of the courier companies. In such cases, we support you by tracking the consignment number and following up with the courier company. In case the material is lost or damaged in transit, AFD will provide you with fresh Study material at no additional charge.

Who are your faculty? What sort of tutorial support do you provide?

AFD has an excellent Faculty team lead by a  Core Faculty for each batch. The faculties are mostly  NID , IIT, IDC or NIFT alumni who teach based on the syllabus and guidelines laid out by the AFD Academic Team before every session. Tutorial support is provided to Distance Learning students through Contact classes , Email, FaceBook and  Chat.

How do I apply to AFD course?

To process your admission, we require
a. A filled in Application form ( available Online )
b. A recent Photograph of yours with the face clearly visible. ( To be emailed to us)
d. The course fee ( Any of the  various modes of Fee payment may be opted for)  -- Click Here

Do I have to join for a separate course for MIT, PEARL or Srishti entrance test?

No  The AFD  course is comprehensive and covers the Entrance Test of Srishti and MIT as well.

2019年火爆棋牌平台If I don't get into NIFT and NID where can i apply?  How will AFD assist me?

In case you don't get into NIFT or NID, AFD will assist you in taking admission in some of the reputed private colleges.  You may contact our counselors who will handhold you through the entire process.

2019年火爆棋牌平台In case I discontinue the course mid way what is the AFD refund policy?

2019年火爆棋牌平台AFD will make refunds only in cases where AFD has not conducted classes as promised. Refunds are not made under any other circumstance.

Can I see some student works?

Yes, Student works are available for you. Click Here

2019年火爆棋牌平台When does the Admission process at NIFT start and how does admission happen?

2019年火爆棋牌平台NIFT releases it's application form in the month of November . The last date for submitting the form is usually first week of January. The exam is held on 2nd or third Sunday of February.  Once you clear the written test , you are called for the second round in April, which may be  Situation test or GD/ PI as per the course that you have  applied for.

2019年火爆棋牌平台If I clear the entrance exam, will I get the centre and stream of my choice?

The marks of the first and second round tests are added up and a Rank list is formed. The course  and centre that you get, will depend on your rank. Successful candidates from all  parts of India are called to Delhi for counseling, where the students are supposed to choose their centre and stream and register them selves by submitting relevant documents and paying the initial fee. In the past few years the trend shows that the most popular courses are Fashion design and Fashion communication in Delhi and Mumbai centers of NIFT.  So , its important to get a good rank at NIFT entrance Test , to get the course and centre of your choice.

What are my chances of success at NIFT entrance?

2019年火爆棋牌平台Your chance of success at NIFT is 1:20. With AFD coaching it improves to 1:2.

What is the duration of course at  NIFT?

The UG courses at NIFT are 4 year in duration and the PG courses are 2 years in duration.

2019年火爆棋牌平台What kind of jobs can i expect after passing out of NIFT?

2019年火爆棋牌平台NIFT claims 100% campus placements. The placements are central, which means that you can apply for companies coming for placements in any NIFT centre.

2019年火爆棋牌平台Can I get previous years question papers or sample papers of NIFT?

2019年火爆棋牌平台Yes, Past 15 years Solved Question papers of NIFT are available for Purchase at AFD website.

2019年火爆棋牌平台Does NIFT have an Age limit ? How many times can one write NIFT?

For UG courses, you need to be Maximum age is 23 years as on or after 1st October. There is no age bar for PG course.

How many times can I write the NIFT exam?

As many times as you want, within the age limit.

What is the NIFT exam Pattern?

The pattern of exam for Design related courses at UG and PG level consists of two Tests - the Creative Aptitude Test ( CAT) and The General Aptitude Test ( GAT), followed by the second round of Situation test for UG level and GD/ PI for PG level students.

For Non design related courses NIFT conducts one written test called General aptitude Test ( GAT) followed by GD/ PI for PG level students.

2019年火爆棋牌平台The CAT paper contains question on Drawing, Creative Thinking, and eye for detail. The GAT paper contains questions on Math, English, Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and General Awareness.

Does the NIFT paper have negative Marking?

Yes, the GAT paper at NIFT has negative marking of 0.25 for every wrong answer.

2019年火爆棋牌平台What is AFD's Success rate at NIFT?

2019年火爆棋牌平台Every year about 60 - 80% of AFD students clear NIFT exam.

2019年火爆棋牌平台When does the Admission process at NID start and how does Admission happen?

2019年火爆棋牌平台The NID Admission Notifications are usually released in the month of October. The Last Date for submitting Online forms is usually end of November. The exam is  conducted on the second or third Sunday  January every year.   Once you are selected in the first round of written Design aptitude Test, you are called for the Second  round of Studio Test and Interview towards end of April.  The final selection list is declared by third week of April.

2019年火爆棋牌平台What is the NID exam Pattern?

2019年火爆棋牌平台The Design Aptitude test conducted by NID has questions on Drawing Skills, Creative Thinking, General awareness, Visual and Spatial skills. At PG level. The paper is divided into Part A and Part B. Part A is common to all streams of specialization and Part B is specific to the stream of your choice

Does the NID paper have negative Marking?

No there is no negative marking in the NID paper.

What is the NID Studio test like?

The second round of assessment at NID consists of a series of small individual tests which include , Clay Modeling, 3 D Modeling, Audio visual Tests, Doodling activities, followed by Personal Interview and Portfolio review.  Students, three times of number of seats are called for this round.

2019年火爆棋牌平台How does one choose their design specialization  at Under graduate level?

2019年火爆棋牌平台When you join NID, you do the first year of Foundation course, where you are exposed to all areas of Design. At the end of the Foundation Program, you are allowed to choose your stream in consultation with your faculties.

2019年火爆棋牌平台What are my chances of success at NID entrance and What is AFD's Success rate at NID?

2019年火爆棋牌平台Your chances of success at NID is about 1:40  and with AFD coaching it surely improves to 1: 8.  Since 2009, each year  60 to 90 students from AFD clear NID entrance Test

2019年火爆棋牌平台Why does NID not award a Degree? Is it worthwhile to do a Diploma course?

National Institute of Design (NID) will be declared as an ‘Institution of National Importance’, the Union Cabinet has approved the proposal, under Parliament by law. The status of ‘Institution of National Importance’ would authorise NID, Ahmedabad to award degree to its students. This, in turn, may prove to be beneficial for students who wish to pursue post graduation.

2019年火爆棋牌平台This will fulfill the need to professionalize, standardize and internationally benchmark professional design education in India, so as to take full advantage of opportunities opening up for the design industry, both in domestic as well as in international markets

What is the duration of course at  NID?

2019年火爆棋牌平台The Undergraduate course is for 4 years and the Post Graduate course is for 2 years.

Does NID have an Age limit ? How many times can one write NID ?

Upper age limit for PG candidates is 30 yrs ND UG candidates is 20 years (relaxable by 3 yrs for reserved categories) as on June 01, of the year of admission.  One can write the NID exam any number of times within this age bracket.

What kind of jobs can i expect after passing out of NID?

NID conducts   Campus Placements and can easily claim 100% placements in companies like, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Flip Kart, Google, Godrej, Hindustan Lever, Shoppers Stop, J P Morgan, Mother earth, Fab India , Myntra, Nokia, Zynga Games and so many others.

Can I get previous years question papers or sample papers of NID?

Yes, Past 15 years Solved Question papers are available at AFD for purchase.

What is CEED?

2019年火爆棋牌平台CEED is the Combined Entrance Test for Design conducted by Industrial Design Centre , Mumbai  for selection of students to the M. Des programs at Various IITs.

2019年火爆棋牌平台Which are the Colleges participating in CEED and how can you apply to them?

Each of these colleges comes out with it's own application form once the CEED results are out. You are required to apply individually with your CEED score, for the second  round of test to each institute.  The second round of test will consists of a written or practical test followed by Interview and Portfolio review.

The colleges which accept the CEED score are Industrial Design Centre , Indian Institute of Science , Bangalore, Department of Design , IIT Guwahati, Instrument Design and Development Centre (IDDC), IIT Delhi IIT Kanpur Design Programme DHIRUBHAI AMBANI INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY ( DAIICT), Gandhinagar Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing IITDM, Jabalpur

2019年火爆棋牌平台When are the  dates for application forms of CEED? When is CEED exam held?

CEED application forms come out in the month of August. The exam is held in Nov and the results are declared by Dec end.

What is the CEED exam pattern?

2019年火爆棋牌平台PART-B will be evaluated only for candidates who are short-listed in PART-A. Part B score only is used for merit list . All the candidates must answer both the parts.

2019年火爆棋牌平台The CEED exam is a combination of General awareness , Drawing, Spatial Skills, and Problem Solving abilities. PART-A is a screening test of multiple choice questions, which  is  conducted by an online computerized program, and only candidates who secure a minimum cut-off mark qualify to be evaluated for Part B.

2019年火爆棋牌平台What is the Age limit for CEED ?How many times can one write CEED?

There is no age limit for CEED. You may write this test any number of times.

2019年火爆棋牌平台Does the CEED paper have negative Marking?

2019年火爆棋牌平台There is negative marking for Part A.

Can I get previous years question papers or sample papers of CEED?

Yes, Past 15 years Solved Question papers of CEED are available for Purchase at AFD website.

What is AFD's Success rate at CEED?

AFD  is proud to claim students in the top 20 rankings every year.